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Scope Bodyshop repairs Alfa Romeo Audi BMW Ford Jeep Mini Seat Skoda Vauxhall Volkswagen and more
Portsmouth based garage, car body repairs, scratches, chips, accident insurance claims, resprays, service and valeting

CALL US TODAY : 023 92 665111

Car Body Repair Shop, Scratches, Chips, Accident Repairs, Accident Insurance Claims, MOT's, Valeting and Servicing for Cars and Vans

Scope Body Shop, Portsmouth

Had an accident?

Why not let us take the stress out of it. Just one call and we can make arrangements for your vehicle to be estimated, recovered if necessary and place you into a courtesy car.

Give us a call on 023 92 665111 and we will assist your claim and work with your insurance company to get your car back on the road in the quickest possible time. Digital photos can be used for insurance purposes and we can offer quick car repair estimates.

Our body shop repair centre is equipped with the latest in accident repair technology and services.


VBRA logo Scope Body Shop is a member of VBRA.

VBRA is the lead Trade Association for Vehicle Body Building, CV, Car Body and SMART repair. It is a consumer friendly, member driven organisation.


Call Us Today On: 023 92 665111


Scope Bopdyshop can also provide you with an extensive range of work from bumper repairs, vandal damage, body kits, alloy wheel repairs, scratches and chips to complete resprays.

We have a brand new building located in Robinson Way, Portsmouth with state of the art techonology and equipment.

Servicing, valeting and MOT's can also be booked through Scope Bodyshop.

Contact Scope Bodyshop

Unit 17, Robinson Way, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5SA

023 92 665111


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